Popcorn Lung.

In the fall of 2007, a travesty hit microwave popcorn lovers across the country — a fellow popcorn-consumer was diagnosed with a rare lung disease stemming from the consumption of his favorite snack. According to the doctor’s who treated Kenneth McClain — a self-proclaimed popcorn lover — eating one bag of popcorn twice a day, everyday, filled his body with enough flavor-chemical, diacetyl, to cause bronchiolitis obliterans or “popcorn lung.”Following Kenneth’s appearance on The Today Show and print-coverage in various newspapers, his tale-of-woe disappeared from the headlines for months. Just as I was wondering what had become of Ken McClain’s claims, my answer flashed across the television screen: A commercial advertising microwave popcorn sans diacetyl. In fact, after a quick Internet search, I discovered that many popcorn manufacturer’s are removing the flavor-chemical from their popcorn. While popcorn-lovers cannot take back the copious bags of diacetyl-laden microwave popcorn they have consumed over the years, they can now face the future knowing that their beloved snack will no longer lead them to develop popcorn lung.So thank you Kenneth McClain: for coming forward with your serious, albeit strange allegations that popcorn consumption led to your decreased lung capacity, and good luck with your recently filed law suit. You sir, have changed the fumes of microwave popcorn forever.


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