Polite Umbrella.

I dread rainy days. Not so much for the rain but because of the idiots who walk around this city and
insist on carrying enormous golf umbrellas that consume the entire width of the sidewalk. These selfish individuals deprive me of a mostly dry walk to work. I find myself having to turn my umbrella on its side, in the process getting soaked, and practically climbing up building walls to avoid their monstrous umbrellas.

I’d really love to close them inside their umbrellas, forcing them to poke eye-holes through the nylon to see, but then everyone would begin to look like an uptight squid and that’d be kinda scary. I digress. The point of this post is so praise JooYoun Paek and her Polite Umbrella, which conveniently adjusts its size based on its surroundings. Read: As you walk past that asshole with his jumbo-size ‘brella you can still remain dry and upright beneath yours.

Strings attached to the frame of the umbrella control its diameter. By using a control on the handle, the user can adjust the canopy size for any situation. Paek even created animations to accompany the shrinking process and possibly entertain other passerbys. Now who’s the sultan of the sidewalk?


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