Man builds robot to kill himself.

Looking for a weird story to tell your friends? Look no further. Using instructions found on the Internet, an 81-year-old Australian man recently built a robot and then used it to kill himself. The robot, equipped with a .22 semi-automatic pistol, strategically shot the elderly man on his driveway, just within range for nearby construction workers to hear the shots and find his body (this according to the notes he left behind). Also in his letter, a possible motive — he didn’t want to move out of his home into a nursing facility.

The moral: Don’t discount your elders, especially if they’re conspicuously hoarding robot parts.


One response to “Man builds robot to kill himself.

  1. That’s just horrible.

    In a somewhat related story, Dr. Jack Kevorkian (80 + yrs old) the doctor dubbed “Dr. Death” for his assisted suicide machine and subsequently served prision time, is running for Congress in my county.

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