Pod hotels.

Pod hotels are unearthing themselves across the globe and fastly becoming recognized as THE way to travel if you go by the name, Myfunds Arelow (hehehe). These hotels take minimal space and infuse it with modern high-end design for a fraction of what you might typically pay at a boutique hotel. Yes, you’re in a considerably smaller room, but you aren’t on vacation to sit around in your Louis Ghost chair all day, are you?

I’m going to Amsterdam in the fall, and while I’m not staying at the Qbic hotel, its specs are worth a mention: Each “cubi” comes equipped with a Hästens bed, Philippe Starck design bathroom elements, and perhaps the coolest of cool, mood-adjustable ambient lighting: Mellow Yellow, Red Romance, or Deep Purple Love. The room will run you €69/night and no need to worry about tipping the concierge — there isn’t one! Qbic hotels feature computer check-in and check-out, but there is always a staff member on-duty just in case you need help. So yes, it seems you really can have it all.


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