Pear despair.

I have a minor problem. It occurs every time I purchase a pear. Yes, I said a pear. Every single time I go to the store and carefully select and bag a delicate Bartlett pear, it is invariably ruined by the time I go to eat it. I don’t understand what happens to my pear from the time I make the purchase to the time I want to consume its juicy goodness. When I leave the store the pear has a lovely yellow hue, but by the time I go to eat it, it’s bruised and brown and the skin is peeling away from the fleshy fruit!

After doing a bit of research I discovered that pears release ethylene as they ripen and confining them to a small space, speeds up the process. But I’m at a loss, are my pears really suffering from ethylene asphyxiation in the ten minutes it takes to walk from the store to my home, or am I selecting overly ripe pears to begin with? Can’t someone help me to preserve the appearance of my pears?


3 responses to “Pear despair.

  1. Do not despair over your pears! I bet you just need to select firmer pears… or maybe change the kind you buy. I find the ones with the green skin stay fresher longer than the brown skin ones. And store them in the fridge. Oh, and try not to jostle them on your way home! :o)

  2. This is why you need the Hermès apple carrier; it preserves your fruit in high style:

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