An open letter to Democrats.

Dear Dems,

Have we forgotten the unfortunate upset of the 2000 Presidential Election? Eight years later and we continue to drive a rift through this party. Instead of seeing the whole picture — strategically through the eyes of both Democrats and Republicans, we prefer tunnel vision, focusing on candidate preference rather than viability. This path inevitably leads to a November where our representative will once again split voters, and we’ll settle for second-class citizenship.

You say you want change, yet you vote for the candidate who perpetuates old school politics. You say you want change, yet you naively overlook the future and the necessity to see beyond party lines. Wake up. This contest is bigger than the primaries; it determines the direction of our country for the next four, maybe eight years. Change in 2009 means getting real. Change means using your vote to bring this party together and thinking strategically.

The game is over. Our troops are in their fifth year in the Middle East, still fighting a futile battle; our economy is on the verge of recession; and our worldwide reputation rivals that of spoiled brat on the path of self-righteous destruction. How badly do you really want it?


One response to “An open letter to Democrats.

  1. huntingdonpost

    I am all for looking at the hard truth. Remember McGovern?

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