Henson Supreme

For better or for worse, there has never been a lack of cross-over between cartoon characters and urban street cultere. From Vaughn Bode’s Cheech Wizard, featured in graffiti painted on countless NYC subway cars throughout the 80’s, to that horrid early 90’s trend of Looney Tunes characters mugging on XXXL white t-shirts, the list of instances is quite long.

This spring/summer, Supreme releases the latest in children’s-entertainment-meets-urban-street-wear. Thankfully, they made the brilliant decision of teaming up with provocative fashion/portrait photographer Terry Richardson, and Jim Henson studios, to create some very appealing t-shirts and skate decks.

Click HERE for a great video of the photo shoot, with Kermit and Mr. Richardson!

Additionally, there is a very limited Kermit toy out there, designed by Kubrick, for all you vinyl toy collectors! Snatch one up, if you can find it!


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