Stuart Haygarth.

In addition to his photography of handmade collages of 2D imagery and 3D objects on a large-format camera, Stuart Haygarth constructs lighting fixtures from found objects. Taking an object and reconstructing it into a new object gives the viewer a new perspective on the multiple lives of a single product.

The Millennium Chandelier is constructed from 1,000 used party poppers, discarded after the Millennium celebrations in London. Each row is suspended on a line from the previous row, and the light source is a 60W incandescent bulb. The chandelier was produced in a limited edition of 20 and is also available in all-black party poppers.

This chandelier, constructed from 1,020 pairs of prescription eye glasses strung together in tiers, produces the same effect as a mirrored-ball when the light refracts through several layers of lenses. Spectacle, produced in a limited edition of 20 pieces, is available for purchase from the artist.


2 responses to “Stuart Haygarth.

  1. This is really awesome…inspiring!

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