A Tribute to the Pilot Precise V5

Over the past eight or so years, the Precise V5 by Pilot has become my drawing weapon of choice. Although some might say it’s not the most sophisticated drawing instrument (compared to a Micron or Rapidograph, for example), I love the Precise V5 for it’s unpretentious simplicity. They are inexpensive, readily available, and trustworthy– I’ve had few, if any, leaks with this pen. Pilot claims that they are, in fact, “airplane-safe.”

But the real reasons I love this pen are its smooth marking function, and the ink contained therein. The Precise V5 technology uses a rolling tungsten carbide ball for extra dependability, allowing one to push quite firmly against the paper (as I like to do) while drawing, without fear of breaking the tip. The ink that flows so smoothly from this pen is always released in an even, consistent line, with very little bleeding. The ink is also water-resistant, allowing one to go back into a drawing with watercolor, an ink wash, or most other wet media.


Pilot has also recently released a click-function retractable version of the Precise family of pens. I’ve yet to give one a try, but I’ve read good things about this new pen. If Pilot used the same ink and tip-construction with the new retractable model, then I’m sure it’s a winner.

Interestingly enough, I understand the new retractable V5’s are refillable, which satisfies the one design request that I would have made! Well done, Pilot, and cheers for making such a reliable, enjoyable writing instrument!


2 responses to “A Tribute to the Pilot Precise V5

  1. thefunctionkey

    I believe in the power of the V5, too. Great post!

  2. Been using v5 for over 10 years – nothing beats it. Nice post.

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