Finger food.

Oh, Ms. Yarborough, you shouldn’t have . . . a five-course meal on-hand at all times, really, how gluttonous! What? You want me to have the Boston Creme cake? I just couldn’t, really I’m on a . . . well, OK, if you insist. Can I get it to go? Oh, and I’ll take that lemon meringue pie, too.

elizabeth yarborough


2 responses to “Finger food.

  1. This jewelry is fantastic. Once again great find. I’ll be in Chicago in a couple of weeks, I’ll have to take a peek up close at these little delectables!

  2. thefunctionkey

    My birthday is next month, I’m hoping that I’ll get the Boston Creme from my bf! hehe! But please let me know if you see them, cause I’m interested in their true size.

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