Have you caught wind of the new Web site: iamneurotic.com? The basic jist: readers send in their neuroses, and then they’re published and shared on the site, in turn creating some kind of bizarre camaraderie among the high-strung individuals of the world — genius.

Interested in the concept, I contacted the creator/editor (who prefers to remain nameless) with a couple of my own questions:

Me: When did you launch your site?

Neurotic: End of April 2008.

Me: Why neuroses?

Neurotic: My friends and I have a lot of neuroses. I thought it would be funny to share them anonymously with each other and other people. I hoped that people would feel some sort of relief in sharing their often hidden neuroses, take comfort in knowing that other people are neurotic too, and see that sometimes we share the same neuroses. Neuroses are a great human equalizer.

Me: Which “issues” see the most submissions? Does this get annoying?

Neurotic: I see lots of submissions about cracks in the roads or sidewalks. People can’t step on them or have to step on them a certain number of times or can only step on specific cracks. There are a ton of submissions about counting and arranging candy like M&Ms and Skittles. Lots of people can’t sleep unless their doors are closed, have to count the number of letters in their words, or add the digits in time and license plates. It’s not so annoying; it’s fascinating to see how many people share the same neuroses. Unfortunately, I can’t post every single neurosis I receive, including the repeats. I try to post ones that I haven’t seen before. However, I do have a plan for how to deal with multiple submissions of the same neuroses so stay tuned!

Me: Do you have any noteworthy neuroses?

Neurotic: Hmmmm. There are so many interesting and amusing neuroses out there that it’s hard to choose. I like the car ones because people do really funny things when they’re in cars, such as imagining bouncing balls, or “clicking” every time they pass something, or trying to avoid driving over the reflectors in the road. There are a bunch of posts that seem to resonate with a lot of people such as “multiple bumps,” or “in a car, imagining a ball, grinding my teeth.”
Me: Now that you’re famous, what do you plan to do next?
Neurotic: Ha! I’m pretty sure I’m not famous, and there is no fortune to follow. However, I do plan to add more features to the site and drink more 5-Hour Energies to keep up with the pace.

Me: Anything else you want to share?

Neurotic: I am so neurotic that I had to read over my answers to these questions at least 15 times because I think that my self-diagnosed dyslexia causes me to screw up my writing.

Ahh, isn’t it nice to know that you’re not the only crazy in the world? Be sure to check out the Web site, and pass it along to the neurotic characters in your life!


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