Hip-Hop is Waaay Dead

Music journalists have been announcing the expiration of hip-hop since Notorious B.I.G. released Life After Death, and I’ve mostly agreed. If there was any remaining question in my mind, the following video has negated all hope I might have had for the salvation of hip-hop. Hip-hop is deader than dead; hip-hop is, in fact, a re-animated zombie corpse of its former, once-vibrant self (and this zombie is not “Thriller-cool,” trust me). See for yourself:

I really appreciate how these guys stick it to the man by not bowing down to corporate sponsorships. Instead, they take it into their own hands and provide the advertising for FREE!

P.S. Do you think these fools could help me find the R.C. Cola sticker wrap for an ’89 Toyota Camry that I’ve been searching for?


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