A subliminal message . . . or not.

Forget the handwritten break-up hankie — if things have gone awry in your relationship, send your significant other this:

They’ll get the picture — yes, that’s an edible skull in a box — and you will forever be known as the most-tasteful ex in their black book.

Douglas Little’s Mori Ex Cacao (Death by Chocolate) skulls begin with bittersweet chocolate and are filled with organic ingredients such as brandied cherries, scorched caramel, or bitter chilies. The skulls are then painted with colored cocoa butter, giving them an eerily chilling effect. They’re available at Unica for $40/skull.

p.s. Alternatively, these skulls could also make a really great gift for the Goth in your life!


One response to “A subliminal message . . . or not.

  1. I can think of one person I’d like to send this to.

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