Art for your feet!

As a good companion recently said to me, “Comfortable shoes are the key to a happy life.” He couldn’t be more right. I recently bought a pair of classic Vans after my Converse All-Star’s finally succumbed to the gaping holes created by years of loving wear. At the point of purchase, I was siked to have a shiny new pair of kicks, unfortunately my new sneaks make my feet scream in agony, they’re so uncomfortable. They’ve taken to rubbing up against my ankle, creating such a pain that I can barely manage to walk when I wear them. In my head, I repeat: “Fashion takes pain, fashion takes pain,” but really I want to rip the Vans off of my feet and throw them into a blazing fire.

That’s why this post is about my love of another kind of shoe: TOMS Shoes. Not only are these Argentinian-inspired slip-ons the key to happiness in my life, they do good for other’s, too. For every pair of TOMS that you buy, the company sends a pair to a child in need of shoes. Crocs has the same humanitarian effort, but who wants to perpetuate the existence of Crocs on this Earth? Not I.

TOMS ridiculously comfortable shoes now come in stylish, artist-designed patterns, too. Check out the range below designed by artist Tyler Ramsey and graphic designer Gabe Lacktman. So fresh and so clean, clean for the summertime.


3 responses to “Art for your feet!

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you dig the styles! Rock TOMS and Rock on!!!


  2. thefunctionkey

    So sweet! A comment by the artist himself! I love TOMS, now I just have to decide which pair to get next.

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