Long live Generra Hypercolor tees.

Do you remember Hypercolor t-shirts from the 90s? Well, they’re back! Sort of. According to ThreadTrend, American Apparel and ANZEVINO and FLORENCE are both selling their own versions of the heat-sensitive, color-changing tee’s.

We tried one out this past weekend at the American Apparel store, and it really works — maybe a little too well. As we put the shirt back on the rack, we looked up at the model on the pricing placard and noticed a nice little heat-enduced contour map of her nipples.

The Original Generra Hypercolor.


Thanks to ThreadTrend for the info.


2 responses to “Long live Generra Hypercolor tees.

  1. for some reason today i thought about this ‘ol fad of hyercolor tshirts so thought i’d look online to see whatever happened to them as they disappeared just as quickly as they appeared. as a teenager these shirts were so cool, yet so horrifying. back then they often turned color in embarrassing places, i’m a little afraid of what these new “more hyper” t’s will reveal to others! but cool that they’re available again. would be cool to see a children’s line soon!

  2. thefunctionkey

    You know, I randomly thought about these tees one day, too. And then lo and behold, I found out that there were designers adopting the fad once again! Pretty cool!

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