Update: A life for sale.

A friendly reminder from your Function Key editor: Bidding on Ian Usher’s life, has officially started. Aren’t sure what I’m referring to? See my March 20, 2008 post below, it’ll key you in. Be sure to check out Ian’s Web site (link below) right quick, bidding ends on June 29th.

From The Function Key:

Are you looking to try something different? How about a different life? Faced with the aftermath of a painful divorce, Ian Usher of Perth, Australia, decided to sell his current life and move on. On June 22, 2008 you can bid on Ian’s life, including his house, job, lifestyle, and everything else that comes with it. Bidding starts at AU$1. Good luck!

Floor plan of Ian’s house . . . nice!

And his car . . . a little less enticing.

Be sure to visit his Web site for more information: A Life 4 Sale.


5 responses to “Update: A life for sale.

  1. Hey there can I Just buy Ian??
    Hello Ian,I am Miche….I am in Italy,but can u also be bought??
    Would love to buy you!!:))
    You have done an incredible thing..selling all u own here-wow!
    Very Impressive!! Way to GO!!
    All the best 4 u!
    Ciao from Italia

  2. thefunctionkey

    Haha…I dunno if you can bid on Ian. Who knows, maybe he’d be up for it!

  3. Something similar happened in East London, South Africa about six years ago, and after auctioning his life here the guy moved to Australia. I was wondering if this could be the same person. Ian, if it is you please contact me on ntandom@dispatch.co.za or send me a number that I can call you on.
    cheers and good luck

  4. Hi!
    I don`t speak english, but i like your life!
    If you want, i change with you!

  5. I think you are a real twenty-first century boy.

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