Just a kid growing up, in the U.S.A.

SANE grew up in the Washington Heights neighborhood of NYC, a veritable pressure cooker of population. Surrounded by the subway graffiti of the day, he and his brother SMITH found inspiration that would take them to the heights of graffiti in New York. Sadly, it wouldn’t be long before SANE, an individual with troubles unknown to anyone, would tragically take his own life. To this day, SMITH continues to keep his brother’s name alive and well, in the streets of New York, and on freight cars rolling all over the US.

I would like to share some examples of SANE’s work, all commemorating Independence Day, and this great nation:

Painted in honor of the many men and women who for years lived in virtual secrecy beneath the city of New York.

“Picture us coolin’ out on the 4th of July, and if you heard we were celebratin’, that’s a worldwide lie!


3 responses to “Just a kid growing up, in the U.S.A.

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  2. Anyone ever make a doc film about Sane Smith? I hope so. Heard his story is pretty interesting.

  3. I remember how out of this world it was (not only to be exploring and kickin it in the Freedom Tunnels) but to finally reach the site where those giant SANE CocaCola USA murals are…..it is something that as a yung lil dude growning up(as i travelled deeper thru the amtrack tunnels and then thru that door that bordered between the Amtrack Freedom tunnels and the MTA tunnels old station GHOSTTOWN where not even the Morlocks I fuct with didnt go into at times cause it was too hairy!

    RIP SANE- so many cats went down that path but never return. and we look at it from the outside-

    nuff sed

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