my doll house never looked like these . . .

The aftermath of our July Fourth party left me obsessively watching on-demand episodes of Swingtown and drooling over doll houses on the Internet. I know, totally strange. But you have to understand, these are mind-blowing, handcrafted, professionally architected doll houses that make my old Fisher Price model (bought second hand via the good, old newspaper classifieds) want to slink back onto the assembly line it came from.

And now, two days later, I’m still wondering how I can possibly fit the Villa Sibi inside my teeny apartment, or better yet, how I can befriend a child who owns one of these without their parents thinking I’m a weirdo. I need to find the offspring of an architect . . . or perhaps the offspring of a parent who’s raising a budding Mies van der Rohe, but I’m at a loss. The only mini person I know is my cousin’s kid, and he seems to be into sports cars (scroll down) these days.

Oh well, I can always dream . . .

The Citadel, Lolly’s Dollhouse

kalideoscope house
The Kaleidoscope House by Peter Wheelwright, 2002

villa sibi
Villa Sibi, Wolfgang Sirch


2 responses to “my doll house never looked like these . . .

  1. Sherry Russell

    I have a Citadel that I would be willing to part with. Please let me know at the email address I left.

    • Amanda Ashley

      DearSherry I would like to buy a Citadel house.
      What is the price and is it made up and in good condition?
      Thanks Amanda

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