our zip trip to hampton beach.

On Sunday, we woke up late and took a Zip car up to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. After winding through the low coastlands, we happened upon our destination, ripe with overly tanned tummies and satiated vacationers. Here are some flicks from the day trip, highlighting great signage, the beauty of original design, and the American way.

pelham motel
Yes, this looks creepy, but it’s just because of my great photography skills.

hampton beach
Oh America, land of the . . . free.

hampton beach
Hot rods, hot bods, and fried food.

bingo ball
I’ve never played Bingo this way, but the set up looks classic.

shoot out
This little lady has been working at the Shoot Out for more than 20 years. I almost set off all of the targets with my camera flash, oops!

horse races
This picture is great, and I love the little birdie popping up to say, “Oh Hie!”

name on rice
We loved this sign. It’s so . . . declarative.

westport motel.
We spotted this signage on our way out of town.

self portrait.
And last but not least, our self portrait. Heh.


One response to “our zip trip to hampton beach.

  1. My wife and I went to Hampton Beach while on our honeymoon – 41 years ago. We had a great time as most people do at that stage of their lives. We also went horsebackriding in that area. I remember we stayed at a motel that was at a rotary. The place a vibrating beds for 25 cents. Thanks for taking us on your trip and reminding me of ours.

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