Abraham Obama peppers Boston streets.

Propaganda and pop artist Ron English unveiled his latest project, Abraham Obama, at the XIV Gallery on Thayer street in Boston last week. And it didn’t take long before his offsets popped up on Boston streets, prompting throngs of angry phone calls from enraged citizens — apparently, even the mayor’s office was fielding phone calls with decries of anarchy.

Because Obama’s famous ancestral ties were released a few months back, we know that he was in fact not a descendant of the 16th President. Although after seeing Mr. English’s poster, it does make me wonder if they mistakenly neglected Lincoln from Barack’s family tree. Probably not, but I’m sure Dick Cheney wouldn’t mind a recheck.

abraham obama

abraham obama

abraham obama



For more info, or to purchase a poster for yourself, visit Jet-Set Graffiti.


2 responses to “Abraham Obama peppers Boston streets.

  1. better be careful before it gets called a “hoax device”!

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