Reverie jewelry.

Yesterday brought a windy and sun-filled afternoon here in Boston. We took a walk down to the South End Open Market and then stopped by Parlor while waiting to meet up with a friend for lunch. It was only my second trip to Parlor, and it never disappoints with its hand-picked merchandise. My eye happened upon owner Nilda Martin’s gold necklace, designed by Alison Woodward of Reverie Jewelry.

Miss Woodward’s pieces begin with truly authentic components of vintage jewelry, which are then reconstructed into one-of-a-kind works of art, creating a unique juxtaposition of new and old. She also makes sure to include an explanation of the origin of each piece, doing her part to keep its history alive.

Below are some of my favorite Reverie designs. I truly love the pops of color.



reverie jewelry

For more flicks check out this photostream.


One response to “Reverie jewelry.

  1. Hey,
    U have an amazing choice of colorful jewelery. From the above designs i loved the GREEN neckles the most.Keep it up. I truly appreciate your designs and keep updating your designs.It feels nice to see such a lovely collections.
    Thank You.

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