um . . . KAWS and john mayer?

I’m infuriated. John Mayer is the guy who (as my boyfriend akins) goes away on spring break and comes back with a tattoo sleeve. In other words, he’s lame — and I do believe that he really sat through an entire sleeve in one session, or at least one weekend. And now good ol’ John boy has to go and capitalize off of street art, something that he probably doesn’t really understand — the acoustic guitar crooner couldn’t actually be cooler than we thought, could he?

guitar picks

And KAWS? Well, his intercontinental absconsion of bus station advertisements altered with animation paint propagated the bubble-shaped skull-sperm character to such an extent that it inadvertantly inspired throngs of young graffiti artists worldwide. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about him, except that I would be surprised if he could name a single John Mayer album (hell, I don’t even think I can).

Clearly, this is a cut-and-dry case of a talented artist (KAWS) who’s just trying to make some money, and his recent mainstream breakthrough led him to be contacted by a major record label to design guitar pics endorsed by a dude who got lucky serenading BU girls at the Hynes stop on the Green line.

Somebody cue “The End” by The Doors . . . 

Oh, and if you want to watch some fresh KAWS cause action, watch this vid:


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