Mr. Lee’s Cat-Cam

Growing up, my family always had outdoor cats. Often, our cats would be gone for the majority of the day, or overnight, leaving my sister and I to wonder excitedly about our cats’ whereabouts. Occassionally they would return to our house with clues of adventure: burrs, mud, a scratch here and there, etc., furthering our fanstastic speculation of their feline meandering.

If you’ve ever wondered where your outdoor cat wanders off to, I encourage you to visit this site: Mr. Lee’s Cat Cam, where Mr. Lee, a lovely cat from Denmark, has been outfitted with his very own collar-cam.

Below, I have included some of my favorite photo’s from Mr. Lee’s daily travels:


One response to “Mr. Lee’s Cat-Cam

  1. I LOVE THIS! We have 3 cats-wish I could put a camera on each one! Course, then half the pictures (or would that be 2/3?) would be of cat fights, since one cat hates both the others.

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