project runway misstep.

Did anyone catch the error on last night’s Project Runway? During the requisite viewer poll when asked the following:

Which is crazier:

1. Blayne’s tanorexia

2. Stella’s leather fetish

3. Suede using the third person

The incorrect answer was chosen. According to viewer opinion, percentages showed Suede’s idiosyncrasy to be the “weirdest” at 47%, followed by Blayne’s tanorexia at 37%. Seems logical enough, except that when the winner was announced by Bravo’s voiceover dude, Blayne’s vice was circled, NOT Suede’s!

Did anyone else catch this? I was watching with two other people, and we all stared at the screen for a brief moment, before conferring that we all spotted the same mistake — we were floored for noticing.

I wonder if this will affect the Bluefly shopping spree winner? To all those who voted Suede, get on that recount.


4 responses to “project runway misstep.

  1. PR just gets better (and weirder) every season. Love it….

  2. thefunctionkey

    true. did i see a preview for a rachel zoe reality show or was i just dreaming?

  3. Did anyone else but me think that Natalie’s outfit would have gotten her the boot on Project Runway? What the heck was she wearing? It looked like her green bedsheets.

  4. crimzomblogger

    hahahahahahaha girls yall r so fricin wierd somtimes

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