vogue paris original vintage pattern illustrations.

These fashion illustrations, taken from Vogue Paris Original sewing patterns, happen to be an obsession of mine. In the past two years I have taught myself to sew and often find that current sewing patterns just aren’t as fashion-forward as I would like. Coincidentally — what goes around, comes around — it’s the older patterns, the vintage patterns if you will that really strike my fancy and serve as much of the inspiration for my designs. These assembled illustrations are some of my favorites.


3 responses to “vogue paris original vintage pattern illustrations.

  1. Virginia Jimenez

    How do you alter a pattern thats to long acorss the back, it sags in the back just above the armholes?

  2. hi i luuuuuuve your bllloooooog
    gggggaaaaaarrrr ttoilet!
    leave britney alloooone
    im from scoutland and yoooo have treded on my hagas for tooooo long! i will hunt yooooo downee
    xoxo whisper wiz

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