ana maia handcrafted lamps.

ana maia lamps

Last evening we were walking home from dinner and these lamps caught my eye in a store window from across the street. It’s unfortunate, but these pictures do not do justice to their beauty. Each lamp is handmade using a variety of mediums — marker, paint, pencil, Conté crayon — and some of them are even stitched. They’re gorgeous. And they would fit perfectly in our new apartment.

Ana Maia’s designs are clearly inspired by her background in architecture and urban studies. She uses design indigenious to Brazil (her homebase) and inspiration from ancestral mythology. Each lamp is constructed from Italian parchment paper and hand cut using a surgical scalpel! Hardcore precision!


One response to “ana maia handcrafted lamps.

  1. I visited a store in Provincetown and saw some of your lamps. I wanted to know if your work is sold in any stores in Montreal.
    Please email me back because I really like your work.


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