The Function Key Goes to Iconic Finds Holland.

Last night we attended the opening of Iconic Finds Holland at M2L’s Boston store, and we had a fun time perusing the curated collection, despite the fact that we were greeted (more like derided) by a man who looked like Big Fat Bernie Gale and his gaggle of 19-year-old bitchy boys — one of whom was overly vocal about his drug habits as he raced by us and breathlessly announced: “Oh my god! Why didn’t you tell me I had coke on my nose!? I’m going to the bathroom!” To say he was obnoxious is a vast understatement. He was a tangible nightmare. We needed a drink. Badly.

We walked upstairs and promptly served ourselves from the bar, champagne for me, Heineken for Ryan. As we were checking out the scenery (Paulin’s “Mushroom” and “Orange Slice” chairs), I decided to shoot some flicks for our readers . . . I had just snapped my first few pics when I heard a nasally drone from below — the cocaine-charged kept boy — “What is this like a Kodak moment or something?” Which was then followed by “Oh my god, is that John Mayer?” (Ugh! Insult! My boyfriend clearly looks more like Adam Brody).

At this point nothing could phase us — we were ready for the unpolished twit to pull out his bag of coke and start doing lines off of the table — so we actively ignored his presence and continued to enjoy the exhibit. I was excited to see Pierre Paulin’s “Ribbon Chair” and the “Cleopatra Lounge” (which we unfortunately could only touch). But my two favorite pieces were Shay Alkalay’s “Pivot” and Gerrit Rietveld’s “Berlin Chair” (see below for pictures).

Shay Alkalay, “Pivot,” 2008.

Gerrit Reitveld, “Berlin Chair,” 1923

Foreground: Patrick Norguet, “Little Apollo,” 2004. Background: Pierre Paulin, “Orange Slice,” 1960.

Pierre Paulin, “Ribbon,” 1966.

On the whole we had fun. The reception had a rather small turnout but that allowed us to peruse the pieces without being rushed. If you have a chance in these next two weeks you should definitely swing by M2L and familiarize yourself with the Dutch design timeline.

And last but not least, a special thanks to Danielle at Novita PR for inviting us to attend!


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