top design contestant has a doppleganger.

Ok, two prerequisites are necessary to understanding this post:

1. You must watch or have watched RENO 911!

2. You must currently watch Top Design.

Otherwise, you will not grasp the similarities between Terry (Reno 911!) and Eddie (Top Design contestant, season 2). They look like twins! And while Eddie does not don a bare-midriff, bootie shorts, and a kerchief — nor does he flit around on roller skates — he does exude an extraordinary amount of energy and spunk and possess his own signature style, outfitted with tailored vests and bow ties, just like his Reno 911! doppelganger.

Eddie from Top Design, Season 2.

Terry (Nick Swardson) from Reno 911.

I realize it’s not the most flattering comparison and that Eddie Ross, who hails from Greenwich, Conn. and functions as the senior style editor for Martha Stewart Living, would probably die on the spot to know that someone likens him to such a crass character, but honestly I think it’s hilarious! Thoughts?


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