we bought an iPod Touch.

ipod touch We finally caved and bought an iPod Touch. However, after using it for less than a week, I’m really not too sure that we’ll keep it. Besides its obvious niceities — design, convenience, etc., I’m not bowled over and already have a couple of minor grumbles:

Unless you can pick up a wireless signal, most apps aren’t accessible. We had planned to store some self-made maps on it so we could navigate around Paris and Amsterdam, only to discover that you can’t even view them without being online! So now we’re back to square one. Bummer!

And forget speed reading. The iPod screen can barely fit a complete sentence on one line. In fact, it probably can’t fit a complete sentence on one line. So if I want to read something (without straining my eyes), I have to expand/subtract the area and then shuffle the screen around just to get through one paragraph (although I admit if I had a 3G network with seamless Internet access, I could probably overlook this imperfection). I know, I know, all signs point to the iPhone.

Despite my discontent, we’re still in the honeymoon phase, and I’m hoping our wily gadget will redeem itself and charm its way into my heart. It’s coming with us to Europe (and we’ll hopefully write some blog posts while we’re traveling), but it’s fate in our household is yet to be determined.


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