october — h.n. werkman.

H.N. WerkmanKalender 1927 — oktober, 1926, 35 x 21 cm

While we were in Amsterdam, we visited the Van Gogh museum, which was actually a bit disappointing and not as extensive as one would expect a museum dedicated to a single artist would be. However, one of the highlights was not found among Van Gogh’s numerous portraits of women’s heads (there were about 20 of them) but rather in discovering a Dutch artist and printing innovator — H.N. Werkman — who I’d never encountered before. And so, here’s to welcoming October with a Werkman print from 1927.

You can check out more of Werkman’s prints at the Groninger Museum’s online archive.


2 responses to “october — h.n. werkman.

  1. I too liked the works of HN Werkman and am now trying to find samples of his work description of his technique.

  2. His technique is remarkably simple and easy to replicate– he used a lot of simple relief methods of printmaking, most falling under that category of “collograph” printmaking. A Werkman-type print can be created at home by using textured rubbers, lace, & found objects, ink, and printed onto paper with a brayer.

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