saab’s turbo gene test.

This new online ad campaign caught my eye for two reasons 1) my family has a long love/hate relationship with Saab’s — my father and uncle have owned and sold many, and they’ve all a) cost more to repair than own, b) left them stranded, or c) caught on fire. To this day my father pretends to spitefully spit if a Saab crosses his path.

And the second reason why the Turbo Gene Test caught my eye? Well, duh, I love compatibility tests! They’re so fun! Who doesn’t want to know which Saab model embodies their person? By answering six simple questions, Saab matches you with the model that fits you best. My favorite feature? Selecting the glove that best fits your lifestyle (beware of the creepy hand). Find out your perfect match here.
saab turbo gene test

My match made in Trollhatten (it’s where Saab’s are manufactured people). Pretty, pretty, nice.


2 responses to “saab’s turbo gene test.

  1. well, my match was the same as yours….hooray!

  2. we can whip around the city together!

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