kevin.murphy hair care products.

kevin murphy hair care products
Kevin Murphy’s hair care products have the most beautiful, smartly designed packaging I’ve ever seen — the pastel-colored/earth-toned containers open at the bottom, which means no more hassle waiting for the last bit of conditioner to drop. But that’s not all. The products are all natural, no parabens and no sulfates. And the packaging is made from recycled material!

Oh, and did I mention the smell? Heavenly. I got my hair cut last week, and my stylist finished my coif with some of the products. If you’re Boston-based head to Shag Salon to get your hands on these goods.


4 responses to “kevin.murphy hair care products.

  1. i love this stuff. 3 or 4 years ago, i went to a topshop fashion show and they put samples in the goodie bags. i tried to get it online but couldn’t find it. a few months ago, they got it at my salon and i was so happy! the hair resort smells like a day at the beach.

  2. I have this stuff too and it’s really good.

  3. Andre- Stylist-Toronto

    As a hair stylist in cold, dry winter Toronto, and trends heading to natural /thermal , wavy & curly looks. with no weight or frizz.
    Kevin Murphy has been fantastic for my clientele.
    use it ,dig it.

  4. Best part is that they also smell really good in your hair.

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