COOSH headphones.

We recently opened The Function Key mailbox and found, to our pleasant surprise, a package from COOSH headsets! Inside were a pair of its iPod/mp3 player headphones, sent in some very fun packaging.

To review the sound quality of the COOSH headphones, I decided to listen to The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips. It’s long been a favorite album of mine, particularly for the band’s incredibly fun usage of stereophonic technology, so it seemed like the perfect choice for my COOSH headset test drive.

oh, 1999 how i miss thee

The results:

  • Great promo packaging! My promo pack arrived with the left headset wrapped around an over-sized rubber ear — very funny! I’ve taken to wearing the ear to surprise Kim when she comes home from work. I’d even go as far as to compare myself with a little kid on Christmas, playing with the box the toy came in (the ear) as much as the toy itself (the headphones).
  • The COOSH headphones have a nice design as well, clearly taking a page from the well known Apple headset design, while distinguishing themselves with a soft grey color and, of course, by the highly-functional “earrings.” As much as I like the headphones, I would argue that there are perhaps too many extras/doo-dads along the cord– two types of clips seem a bit excessive for the cord.
  • The COOSH tagline is “Stays On. Feels Good,” and they mean it. I’ve worn them for a few hours at a time on several occasions, and I’ve had no trouble with the ear pieces staying on. If they just stayed on, that would be one thing, but they also really do feel very comfortable. I tend to stray away from earbud-style headphones — to be honest, I truly prefer a pair of large, cushy, “fighter-pilot” style of headphone, but that style isn’t too practical for riding on a crowded bus. The aforementioned “popular” brand of earbuds often leave my inner ears aching after a short listen, but due to some sort of soft-yet-firm rubber material used for the construction of the COOSH models, my ears feel no discomfort at all!
  • I must say, The Soft Bulletin sounded incredible. The album has a lot of subtleties and dynamic layering, and the COOSH completely delivered. They provided encapsulating sound and noise reduction that is not usually found with other earbud-style headphones. They also had impressive bass tones for the type of headphones, and they never got too fuzzy or muddled.
  • The price of these little guys is only 20 bucks. When I learned this fact, I was shocked. A little “picky consumer” voice in my brain (which I wish didn’t exist) sort of questioned such a low price — why are they so cheap? Is there a flaw? They seem to be of high quality thus far, but of course there’s no way to know how long-term use will affect the little speakers. Frankly, the price is so great that you should take the risk.

So now I’ve switched over to my new, soft-grey COOSH headphones, and we here at The Function Key recommend that you pick up a pair, too.


2 responses to “COOSH headphones.

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  2. Awesome! Thanks again!

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