oddly enough: bacon flavored diet coke.

Can anyone confirm that this is indeed real? According to what I read on Bacon Today, Diet Coke with Bacon is part of a test range of new flavors for Coca-Cola. After observing customers at a self-serve test Coca-Cola fountain — where Diet Coke with Bacon was the clear favorite — the company decided to test market the product in Los Angeles. Um, yum?

diet coke with bacon


5 responses to “oddly enough: bacon flavored diet coke.

  1. They’ll probably distribute it in London. They love bacon there. They have chips (crisps) with flavors like bacon rashers. Also, slow roasted lamb with a side of mint sauce chips, prawn (shrimp) chips, peking duck chips and more. My friend Jessica and I laughed for an entire weekend in London about this. We went to every single store and bought all the flavors and then made her boyfriend taste test them with a blindfold on and guess the flavors. His favorite was prawn flavored crisps. The most heinous of them all.

  2. Hahahahah! Someone sent me a comment that the can is photoshopped. And Ryan, my personal photoshopped/not photoshopped guru concurs . . . i couldn’t eat those chips, those are like all of my least favorite foods in one list. Seriously.

  3. No one can confirm that this is real, because it is obviously fake.

  4. the perspective on “with bacon” is off. it doesn’t follow the curvature of the can. compare the word “bacon” to the “e” in coke. it’s pretty obvious this is fake.

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