LINUS was in today’s Daily Candy, but I figured, not everyone gets Daily Candy, so I’m sharing my favorites pieces.

linus the label

linus the label

linus the label

The Spring 2009 collection is on presale right now, but act fast cause by October 26th, it’ll be over.


4 responses to “linus.

  1. I need to have that skirt.

  2. i know. i actually need all of it.

  3. These clothes are fantastic. Does anyone know whether some really include handprinting? February is not so far away and there must be a holiday to justify getting something from this collection

  4. Hi!
    Wow! thanks so much for writing about the line.
    This is our first season and we are so exciting to hear what people think. Please join our facebook fan page so we can keep you updated with events and sales ect..
    The print is not handprinting, its just hand drawn and screened all over on silk/cotton fabric.

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