While wasting time on Facebook, I became intrigued by a friend’s new profile picture, which looked suspiciously antiquarian and like it had been swiped from my parent’s yearbook. Upon further investigation I discovered it was generated by a Web site called, naturally I checked it out. It’s pretty straightforward, pick your sex, upload a front-facing picture of yourself,  and then watch as you’re magically transformed into your multigenerational self.

Here are some of my superlatives:

Most convincing decade: The 60s.

Best overall hairdo? 1982.

Most likely in my lifetime: The 90s.

Whew, quite a looker! Thanks to Suzy for showing me the light that is


2 responses to “

  1. hahahahahaha. amazing.

  2. I took part in a make-over with my daughter last month in London, UK and the results were amazing. A little like the pictures above. My daughter said I looked 10 years younger and as she is the spitting image of me I felt I was in 2009, 1999 and the 1980s all at once in the same room. A bit scary really.
    ps the photos were brilliant.

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