hotel fox.

After seeing pictures of Hotel Fox on Ungt Blod, I’m feeling compelled to somehow squeeze a stop over in Copenhagen into our honeymoon, too. The lifestyle hotel’s 61 rooms are designed and styled by 21 artists from across the globe. My personal favorites are designed by Kim Hiorthøy of Norway, Birgit Amadori of Germany, and Antoine et Manuel of France. See below for room details.

Kim Hiorthøy — Room 306. Pico Pico.
hotel fox by kim hiorthoy

Antoine et Manuel — Room 124. Spare.
hotel fox by antoine et manuel

Birgit Amadori — Room 510. King’s Court 2.
hotel fox by birgit amadori


3 responses to “hotel fox.

  1. oh those are some good ones. especially the last one! such good memories

  2. how were the room rates? expensive? reasonable?

  3. You should write them and ask for a special offer for your honeymoon! we did! the prices i hear are… reasonable… that means its not inexpensive, but not totally overpriced. i hope you go!

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