attia home.

The question that’s top of mind — to register for tableware or not. A quick search for “everyday china” landed me at Wedgewood, and I had a momentary lapse of sanity while fantasizing that in the near future we could be eating off of Wedgewood’s Black Basalt Collection, a beyond-gorgeous stoneware that resembles Egyptian basalt. However, the $175.00 price tag for a tea cup and saucer dashed my dreams. I returned to reality and found another possible solution, the Vera Wang Naturals Collection — also stunning and even available in 4-piece sets! Who hoo! But I’m not completely sold, it may be a bit too high-brow pedestrian.


And then (cue anthemic music), I came across this wonderful design by Attia Home (above). I love the juxtapostion of the wooden saucer and black-gray ceramic cup. It’s stunning. And even though the shop doesn’t seem to have any plates in stock to complement these lovely cups and saucers, I don’t care. They’re beautiful enough to make me reason that I could somehow use the tiny saucers for dinner plates, too.


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