Well, according to the government, the U.S. is officially in a recession (apparently since December 2007). Which is why I’m happy to present some positive reinforcement from Multi Polar Projects. The ITS OK project (yes we know it’s incorrectly punctuated, you try cutting out one million commas) is small enough to sit on your desk, and it could possibly send daily reassuring vibes your way. Nevertheless, the constant positive reminder doesn’t hurt.

The project comprises a limited edition of 1,000,000 “ITS OK” wood cuts by the artist Sighn, each piece hand cut from various types of wood — bamboo, walnut, mahogany. If you’re feeling extra special, why not choose a piece from the “24-Hour Session,” during which Sighn dutifully worked for 24 hours straight, producing 433 “ITS OK” pieces. For every “ITS OK” sold, a tree will be planted through the Arbor Day Foundation. Sighn thinks it’ll take him at least 30 years to reach the 1,000,000 mark, and hopefully by then the Recession will be over.


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