eggs for breakfast and ambiance.

This is a REPOST from 2Modern Design Talk, a design blog that I contribute to once a week. Today’s entry was just posted, so be sure to check it out!

I believe that good design goes quite well with a side of humor, and so I’ve decided to start things off with the quirky Fried Egg Candle, which debuted at Designersblock London 2008 in September. The wonderfully simple design by Jaehyung Hong works just like a non-egg inspired candle, except when lit, its “yoke” runs, creating the effect of . . . a fried egg! Mmm, makes me hungry!



3 responses to “eggs for breakfast and ambiance.

  1. Where do I get one??!

    • Well, I don’t think they’re actually for sale . . . but you can make one really easily with a yellow tea light and a small white saucer.

  2. Maaaaybee. But a tea light is a cylinder, which an egg yolk is not. right? Maybe carve the tea light? Let it burn/melt for a bit before displaying as egg?

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