sophie hulme.

Sophie Hulme I want all of your jackets. I used to have an obsession with collecting jackets and coats. I think at one point I probably had well over 20. I could wear a different jacket every day of the week and still loan out a few to friends. At some point, I realized it was an impractical and expensive habit, so I eventually took most of them to Goodwill. Although, as Ryan can attest, there are still several garment bags filled with coats floating around our apartment.

Anyway, back to the Ms. Hulme’s designs. Swoon. Love the sequins, the bow back coats, the leather trench combo, et al. Oh, and did I mention she makes bags as well? No? Pardon my neglect. It’s probably because I don’t want you to scoop up all of the sequin backpacks. Seriously though, check her out.


2 responses to “sophie hulme.

  1. Too bad she doesn’t have online shopping

  2. i know. you can get some of her stuff on pixie market though. but it’s pretty expensive.

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