why not a snowflake curtain?

Look what I found on flickr while searching for paper snowflakes — a snowflake curtain! Laura, the mastermind behind this masterpiece, is in the process of switching out curtains for blinds in her kitchen window. But because she’s unable to hang the blinds until after the holidays, she installed the snowflakes temporarily to add a bit of privacy between her and her neighbors. It looks fantastic! Be sure to check out her blog (now conveniently found in our side bar) to see more of her awesome creations. And see below for step-by-step instructions to make your own snowflake curtain.

snowflake curtain

Here’s how she made the curtain and how you can make one, too:

1. First of all, make sure you’re really good at cutting snowflakes out of paper, expert even. When you’re certain of your capabilities, then create and cut out dozens of flakes. If you’re bad at making the shapes, get someone else to do it. You want it to look profesh don’t you?

2. Once you have all of your snowflakes perfectly cut out or cut out with perfect imperfection, connect them in individual strands using white thread and a sewing needle (make sure to leave enough thread at the top so you can tie it around the curtain rod). This should be pretty simple, even if you can’t sew, all you gotta do is thread the needle and delicately puncture the paper.

3. When you’ve threaded enough strands to cover your entire window pane, carefully take the excess string at the top of each strand and tie it around your curtain rod. Make sure you leave enough space between the strands and enough give in each knot so you can open and close the curtain.

4. Finished already? It’s about time! Now stand back, and admire your work. Take some pictures. And then send them to me. I wanna see how good I am at giving instructions (heh).


2 responses to “why not a snowflake curtain?

  1. So glad you like the curtain! Thanks for the sweet mention. I am going to find it very hard to take it down when January rolls round and we have to put proper serious blinds up… Laura x

  2. I would imagine so! I wonder if it would be ok to keep it up year-round?? Probably not.

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