Well readers, it’s a new year! 2009 is going to be a particularly busy one for us. We’ve got a wedding coming up (well not for like another 243 days according to — which I’m growing to loathe)! And this weekend, while hibernating in our Chinatown nest, we spent some time searching for invitation designs. We’re going to make the save the dates ourselves, but we’re going to have the invitations professionally made. We discovered that flickr is a really great place to search for wedding invitation designs. Here are a few of the standouts:

cdg invites

These bespoke wedding invitations are designed by CDG & Co. and reminiscent of 1950s packaging and advertisements. Each invitation set comes in a tin case and includes a 1-inch button. Pretty darn swell if you ask me but priced for couples sans budget or for a very small gathering . . . price upon request and a 30 invite minimum.

The beauty is in the details indeed. That’s why I love this table placecard — for the groom obviously. It was designed by the artist (Antony David Querio) for use on his own wedding day.

These were made by Amy of Amelia Studio as a wedding present for her friend’s wedding, what a nice idea! Ryan and I thought these were screen printed and then later discovered that the artist created a a custom rubber stamp and used it to make the lantern patterns.

Ok, this one is hands down my favorite. I love the hand-painted handkerchiefs, the French motif, the postcard — I love it all. Bird and Banner creates the BEST wedding invitations and packages them in such creative ways, paying special attention to the little details.


2 responses to “invitations.

  1. Does it fit into a routine envelope and mail for normal postage rate???

  2. which one? the last one??? i’m not sure. . . probably not.

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