congratulations to j. amidei!

We would like to congratulate to J. Amidei for winning our lil contest. Today marks our one-year anniversary, and we’re pleased to share her submission with all of you!

“Days With My Father”

Phillip Toledano’s mother passed away suddenly in 2006. It was only until her death that he realized his father’s mental state was quickly deteriorating. His father doesn’t suffer from Alzheimer’s but he has no short-memory, it’s like dementia.

Even after attending his wife’s funeral, Phillip’s father continuously asked of her whereabouts. At first Phillip would explain to him that she had passed away, but eventually this became too much — he didn’t want his father to relive her death constantly — so he lied and told his father that his mother had gone to Paris to take care of her sick brother. And that’s when he began this photographic diary of their relationship and their remaining days together.





To read the entire journal, visit:


2 responses to “congratulations to j. amidei!

  1. Lots of emotion captured here. This is the power we call photography.

  2. I LOVE that second photo…

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