My new hero?

Someone recently pointed me in the direction of the website Walk Sydney Streets. Using over 1,300 (often humorous, always unusual) digital photos, the site chronicles the story of Alan, 94, as he walks every street in 284 suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

As an artist and an urban explorer, I found Alan’s walking project to be impressive and inspiring. The man set out a daunting task for himself, and dedicated his days to completing it. He covered every street in Sydney until he could truly say, “Alan was here.”

Sadly, Alan passed on September 2, 2008. He is remembered through his website, which is still updated regularly with Alan’s discoveries. Below I have shared a handful of my favorite Alan photos. You’ll soon notice his fascination with post boxes…








A quick aside: When I saw this next photo of Alan:


I couldn’t help but think of this photo I took of Kim from our September trip to Paris:


and moving on…





granpaRest in peace, Alan.


4 responses to “My new hero?

  1. these are so awesome. what an amazing man. he had a really great smile, too!

  2. Who’s taking the photos? Are they self-portraits?

  3. I was wondering the same thing… I was amusing myself imagining that he’d dragged his grandson along everyday. But after some reading, I think the one’s with Alan in them were taken by his son.

  4. Alan wins…this is so inspiring.

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