pancake meow’s wearable food.

I’m semi-obsessed with wearable miniature food. It’s unexpected eye candy. This past summer my fiance got me a beautiful lemon meringue pie ring by Elizabeth Yarborough that was intact for all of 20 minutes — I was digging around in my purse and when I pulled my hand out, my little pie was gone. Ultimately we ended up returning it to the designer, who was quite accomodating and offered to fix or replace it but admitted that it was intended to sit on a dresser rather than adorn a hand.

After this minor setback, I went on a search for a replacement. I found some interesting designs by Q-pot of Japan,  but some of their pieces have crystal adornments which I’m not totally down with. Finally, just when I thought I was never going to find the perfect alternative, I discovered Pancake Meow, and guess what? Not only are Pancake Meow’s pieces amazingly realistic replicas, they’re scented, too! YUM! Check out some of the designs below, which include rings and charms.



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