we like this stuff.

1) Madonna and her photo sess, “Blame It On Rio,” with photographer Steven Klein, featured in W magazine, March 2009. Next month’s magazine features a 46-page spread of the pop queen and should be purchase worthy. Klein captures her looking all sorts of fabulous —  her hair style/color should be incorporated into her every day look. And despite being surrounded by scantily clad, bronzed South American boy toys (including her rumored boyfriend, 22 year-old Jesus Luz) Madonna has no problem staying trained on the photographer’s lens, such discipline that one.

2) We’re also really into Pepsi’s new branding campaign, which is oh so pop art and retro, a definite trend in rebranding campaigns right now; check out Tropicana, too. Boston’s South Station happens to be peppered with the new Pepsi advertisements. I took the shot below on our way out on Friday night to give you an idea of the scale of the campaign. Pretty cool!


So yeah, Madonna and Pepsi.


5 responses to “we like this stuff.

  1. That Pepsi rebranding looks very familiar, Obama campaign anyone?

  2. Bank of America’s logo is completely similar to Obama. Pepsi has had some form of the circle logo for decades, so it’s hard to call them on being too influenced by the Obama logo…

  3. I would kindly request for the beutyful picturers of maradona

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