champagne chair contest.

Did you know that Design Within Reach holds a champagne chair contest each year? Well it does. Participants can only use the wire, cork, cage, and foil of up to two champagne bottles to construct a mini chair. Glue is the only adhesive they are permitted to use.

We learned about this contest a little late (a few years ago) — it’s been happening for nine years now. But since then, Ryan has been crafting cork chairs like mad, and now we have a few of them decorating the apartment. Unfortunately, he didn’t enter this year’s contest, but hopefully next year he will.

Here are the winners from the 2009 contest:

Judges pick:
cork chair

Popular Vote:
cork chair

Staff Pick:
cork chair

The winning chairs will be touring DWR showrooms throughout the country, check out the schedule here.


3 responses to “champagne chair contest.

  1. These are fantastic! I had no idea about this contest. I’m obsessed with chairs so I’ll have to put this on my to-do list for next year 😛

  2. Excellent designs. These are so very innovative.

  3. Playing off of DWR champagne chair comp….

    Please join us!

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