hollywood regency style and john woolf.

Well, Vanity Fair has once again peaked my intellectual curiosities. The March issue includes two fantastic articles about old Hollywood and old Hollywood style, specifically Hollywood regency style. If you aren’t a regular VF reader, I suggest checking out both articles on their Web site — I’ll link them below. If you’re like me and enjoy consuming history and facts, you’ll find yourself seeking out more information about both topics long after you’ve finished reading.

I won’t give too much away about the article “Glamour Begins at Home” or the legendary Hollywood architect/designer because I think it’s worth checking out. But hopefully the pictures below, highlighting Woolf’s iconic style, will heighten your curiousity.


For more examples of John Woolf estates in LA, check out Dan in LA’s photostream, here.

To read the VF article, “Glamour Begins at Home,” click here.

And finally, if you’re interested in learning about growing up in Hollywood before the age of bodyguards and paparazzi, read “Children of Paradise” by Todd S. Purdum.


3 responses to “hollywood regency style and john woolf.

  1. Phenomenal! Actually looking forward to going to the grocery store, for once, so I can get a copy. I was also loving the California sequence in Mad Men’s second season for it’s glimpse of west coast modernism. Not quite the same, but equally delicious.

  2. Hmm. Not sure why, but I don’t watch Mad Men . . . sounds like I should check it out though!

  3. Great article in Vanity Fair. There actually are a number of Hollywood Regency style homes in Bel Air. They’re becoming more popular again.

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