peep peep!

peeps Today in the Chicago Tribune there’s a photo  gallery about Peeps –the Holy Grail of Easter candy. The newspaper takes a behind-the-scenes look inside the Just Born factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where the sugary treats are manufactured, and the photos are fantastic!

In America, Peeps are an Easter tradition. If you’ve never eaten a Peep, imagine biting into a sugar-coated, food-colored marshmallow chick (personally I don’t think they taste like much, especially not marshmallow) and then laboriously chewing until all that’s left are the sugar crystals stuck to your molars. I’ve heard the best way to enjoy Peeps is to buy a package and let them ferment for a year, at which point they’ve aged to a “stale” perfection and are a delectable treat. I’m skeptical, but then again I’ve always enjoyed the look of Peeps over their taste.


For more information about Peeps, check out this Web site, dedicated to Peep Research or perhaps you’d rather check out PeepsShow, showcasing bizarre art made entirely of Peeps! Finally, you can visit the blog Unlikely Words, where blogger Aaron Cohen has taken to documenting the existence of Peeps on the Interwebs.


One response to “peep peep!

  1. I don’t know about a whole year… but Peeps are definitely not tolerable until they get stale. Then they have a nice crunch and are actually pretty good!

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